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Astro Days New York

Upcoming Events

About the Event

Astro Days is a series of free, in-person events focused on Modern Data Orchestration. If you’re a data practitioner developing data pipelines, managing data systems at scale, or building next-gen data platforms and applications, these events are for you!

Agenda Overview

At Astro Days, data practitioners and leaders will:

  • Build production grade pipelines with the next generation of DAG authoring tools
  • Try out our new notebook-style cloud IDE, which lets you build pipelines with less code
  • Dive into the Astro Python SDK, the newest open source framework from Astronomer for writing Airflow data pipelines
  • Hear about the Airflow roadmap for 2.4 and beyond
  • Learn how Astro is empowering data teams at every stage of their data orchestration journey
  • Meet others in the data community

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