Airflow 101: Essential Tips For Beginners

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  • Kenten Danas Kenten Danas Lead Developer Advocate
  • Viraj Parekh Viraj Parekh Field CTO

This fan-favorite webinar covers the essential functions and benefits of Apache Airflow, an open-source tool for programmatically authoring, scheduling, and monitoring your data pipelines. In addition to reviewing the core concepts and terminology of Airflow — including explanations of DAGs, tasks, and operators — the webinar, aimed at new users of Airflow, answers questions like:

  • What are the core features of Airflow?
  • What are the uses of Airflow?
  • How flexible are data pipelines?
  • What are the fundamental components of Airflow’s infrastructure?
  • How do you get started using Airflow?

All of the sample code shown in this webinar can be found in this repo.

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