Debugging your Airflow DAGs

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  • Tamara Fingerlin Tamara Fingerlin Developer Advocate
  • Kenten Danas Kenten Danas Lead Developer Advocate

This webinar provides an overview of how to easily and effectively debug your Airflow DAGs when an error inevitably occurs. We cover everything from setting up a local environment for iterative development, to debugging DAG and task issues, to identifying issues with your Airflow infrastructure.

Questions covered in this session include:

  • What do I do if my local AIrflow instance won’t start?
  • What is the easiest way to implement local testing for Airflow DAGs?
  • How do I find my task and scheduler logs, and what do I do if my logs aren’t showing up?
  • Where can I get additional help and how do I file an issue in Airflow if I encounter a bug?

All of the code shown in this webinar can be found in this repo. Additional resources mentioned include:

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