How Astro makes Airflow upgrades easy and painless

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  • George Yates George Yates Field Engineer
  • Kenten Danas Kenten Danas Lead Developer Advocate

This webinar covers how Astronomer’s Astro Runtime abstracts away Airflow complexity while maintaining full optionality, improving performance, and helping you stay ahead of the curve with the latest Airflow releases. We discuss how Astro Runtime’s in-place upgrades and same-day release support enable you to take advantage of the latest Airflow features right away.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • The basics of the Astro Runtime image and how it makes running Airflow easier.
  • The importance of staying on the latest version of Airflow for security, stability, and more.
  • How to choose an Airflow version in Astro and keep your Airflow instance up to date with in-place upgrades.
  • How to take advantage of same-day release support and upgrade to the newly released Airflow 2.6.

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