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Extract and Load Data in a Scalable Amazon RDS Database with Astro

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Astro + Amazon RDS

Orchestrate data extraction from a database managed by Amazon RDS with Astro, the modern data orchestration platform powered by Apache Airflow. Airflow’s AWS provider offers many specialized RDS operators that enable you to perform extraction and loading queries at scale, schedule events in your entire data ecosystem, without vendor boundaries. With Astro’s integrated development tools, extracting data from your Amazon RDS Postgres database becomes more accessible to all data practitioners by providing the ability to define pipelines using only SQL.

Amazon RDS

About Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS is a fully managed solution that stores large quantities of relational data in popular database platforms such as Postgres, MySQL, and SQL Server. Use Astro to seamlessly access data stored in Amazon RDS from a central location in your data ecosystem. Combining Amazon RDS with Astro gives your data a home that’s scalable, reliable, and can run complex queries at record speed.


Use Case

Benefit from easy data extraction from Amazon RDS while being able to leverage Astro features like next generation DAG-authoring tools for your whole data ecosystem. With fully managed tools like Amazon RDS and Astro, you can focus on innovation and significantly reduce the operational burden of your data pipelines.

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