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Seamlessly Orchestrate Amazon SageMaker ML Models from your Astro Pipeline

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Astro + Amazon SageMaker

Take your Machine Learning (ML) pipelines to the next level with Amazon SageMaker and Astro, the modern data orchestration platform powered by Apache Airflow. Automate repeated model training, testing, evaluation, and integration with other services effortlessly with more than 10 specialized Airflow operators, available in the AWS provider package.

Amazon SageMaker

About Amazon SageMaker

Leverage Amazon SageMaker, the comprehensive machine learning service, to build, train, and deploy your models directly from your Astro pipelines. Import popular open source solutions or build and train your own models in ML areas such as churn prediction, analysis, and fraud detection. By combining SageMaker with Astro you can integrate your machine learning with your larger data ecosystem to reach new levels of automation through easily maintainable and scalable pipelines.


Use Case

Advances in machine learning in recent years produced many open source models that can now be easily implemented thanks to ML services like Amazon SageMaker. Astro is the perfect tool to schedule all your SageMaker jobs in one central place. Automate the training and deployment of your state-of-the-art machine learning models based on events in your larger data ecosystem.

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