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Extract and Load Data From a Variety of Sources Swiftly and Reliably Using Fivetran

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Astro + Fivetran

Ingest data from many sources using Fivetran and Astro, the modern data orchestration platform powered by Apache Airflow. Orchestrate your Fivetran jobs from Airflow leveraging the Fivetran provider package. You get visibility over your data sources and the ingest process from within Astro.


About Fivetran

Take the ingestion step of your Astro pipelines to the next level using Fivetran’s flexible connectors to extract and load data. Fivetran is a rapidly growing ELT tool that empowers analytics teams with simple, reliable data integration from disparate sources. By combining Fivetran and Astro you can effortlessly extract, load, and transform your data through easily maintainable and scalable pipelines.


Use Case

Modern data-oriented companies rely on multi-faceted information that is sent into their pipelines through Fivetran, gathered from APIs, Webhooks, Databases, Event tracking, and many more sources. Astro is the perfect tool to gain visibility into where all your data from all your data sources comes from in one central place.

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